Magnet Asia Ltd. was established in 1998 in the concept of supplying customers with Flexible Magnets not only competitive in quality but also more importantly Economical in price. With over 20 years development, we has become the Top 3 rubber magnet and  promotion magnet manufacturer in China.

Magnet Asia Ltd. focuses on:

1. Premium Flexible Magnets & Ferrous Sheet & Inkjet Printable Paper

Professional OEM services is welcome for supplying flexible magnets, ferrous sheet and magnetic inkjet printable paper, which are widely used for producing Advertising Specialties, likes fridge magnets and magnetic signs.

2. Various Promotional Magnets

We also supply already printed magnets for promotion as follows:

● Flat Fridge Magnet              ● 3D Fridge Magnet

● Magnetic Epoxy Sets            ● Iron Fridge Magnet

● Car Sign Magnets               ● Glass Magnet

● Magnetic Writing Board          ● Magnetic Bookmark

● Magnetic Pocket                ● Magnetic Puzzle

● Magnetic EVA Set               ● Magnetic Dress Up Set

● Magnetic Educational Set         ● Magnetic Reward Chart

● Magnetic Photo Frame           ● Magnetic Opener

● Magnetic Memo Pad             ● Magnetic Calendar

3. New Product Development

Being professional in Flexible Magnet over 20 years, well understand the needs for the magnetic products from the market, we Magnet Asia Ltd., with a strong product development team, can meet regularly with you to discuss new product requests and the best way of magnetic material application.


Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent. Rare-Earth magnets commercially available today with magnetic properties that far exceed other permanent magnet materials.


Support ODM / OEM, Sample Service

1. Shape and Dimension Requirements

2. Magnet Grade / Gauss / Pull Force Requirements

3. Requirements for Magnetization Direction
4. Coating Requirements
5. Surface Treatment Requirements (plating requirements)

Magnet Applications: (widely used)

1. Electronic areas: speakers, headphones, acoustics, sensors and so on.
2. Motor areas: generators, servo motors, micro-motors, vibration motors, elevator motor and so on.
3. Clean Tech Energy: Water flow enhancement, wind turbines and so on.
4. Health care: MRI, medical treatment equipment and so on.
5. Other industries: electric doors and windows, electric vehicle, electric bicycles, computer, phone, boxes, magnetic








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